Memcached is a commonly used distributed memory caching system, which can improve the loading speed and the performance of your websites considerably in case they use a database or an API. This is achieved by caching the requests to the database/API and the responses that are returned, so if someone conducts a search for a specific product on your site, for example, the database will not have to be accessed to show the results and the entire task will be carried out much faster. That goes for all types of database-powered apps and not only for web shops, as every time a page is opened, the application sends a request to its database to fetch the content that should be displayed. With Memcached, not only will your site open much faster, but it will also generate much less load. If any content in the database is modified, the cached replies will also be updated, so the site visitors will not see any old information.
Memcached in Shared Website Hosting
Memcached is offered as an optional upgrade with each and every shared website hosting plan that we are offering and if you want to use it for any script-based site that you host on our innovative cloud web hosting platform, you’ll be able to activate it in several simple steps through your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In the meantime, you will be given the option to upgrade two different things – the instances and the system memory. The first one is related to the number of the Internet sites that can use the Memcached memory caching system at the same time, so if you need it for several sites, you can get a handful of instances. The second one refers to the total amount of memory that Memcached will be allowed to use to cache content, so for a lot of sites (or for one single large-size site), you may want to order more memory for better results. The memory is offered in increments of 16 megabytes and more memory can be ordered at any point. With Memcached, any script-based site hosted on our servers will open extra-fast.