How popular your website will be is determined by various things. Some of them are more obvious, like the content and how you promote it. These things may result in more visitors, but in the long term there're some other factors that can raise the popularity of your website - if the pages are easy to browse, if you have separate pages for various target groups, if your Internet site ranks high in search engine results, and many others. Our Hepsia Control Panel contains several instruments that will help you with all of these things and will enable you to raise the popularity of your websites through an intuitive interface, so even if you have not had an Internet site before and you are just launching your online presence, you won't have any kind of difficulties to use them.
Marketing Tools in Shared Website Hosting
One of the most important instruments that you can find in Hepsia is a sitemap generator that will help you to generate a precise map of any Internet site in your shared website hosting account. You will be able to pick the number of links to be included in it along with the type of files which will be indexed. Not only is employing a sitemap a convenience for your site visitors, but it will also enable search engines to index your website content better and to show all the site updates. What is more, you can use 2 other instruments which will contribute to the overall user experience - a GeoIP tool which will enable you to redirect visitors to various landing pages if you have localised versions of your website for different regions of the world, and an RSS feed software instrument that will help you to submit many different updates. The second will be very handy if you offer products or have a news website. Our user-friendly instruments will help you raise the popularity of your Internet sites quick and easy.