If your web hosting company provides live chat support, you're able to talk to an agent in real-time and learn useful information or get a problem resolved in a timely manner. The main advantage of using chat compared to calling to talk to a live person is that you need just a computer with access to the web, so you will not pay any charges when you are in another country or state. Furthermore, it is easier to copy and paste info such as domain names, usernames or error messages i.e. details that are sometimes difficult to share with the other party on the phone. The real-time chat is also a considerably faster solution to contact your web hosting provider's support team compared to using a ticketing system. What's more, if some situation needs a bit more time to be dealt with, you are able to do something different while you wait for guidance on the live chat, so you won't lose time - something that's not possible in case you are on the phone.
Live Chat Support in Shared Website Hosting
As part of the support services that we offer for all our Linux shared website hosting packages, we now have live chat support which is online twenty-four seven, even on holidays. You're able to get in touch with us no matter if you already have an account or not, since we can help you with pretty much anything, ranging from providing you with general information about our services in case you are not our client yet and you are considering to purchase one of our plans, to helping you with setting up an e-mail account in an email client. Some issues are more complex and time-consuming, therefore you will need to use the ticketing system that is built-in the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, but we can save you time and assist you in real time on our live chat for quite a lot of things.